Cheeky Fox

Escape room lempäälä



A travelling fortune teller has arrived in Lempäälä.


You do not believe in such nonsense, but decide to pay her a visit just for laughs.


But who is laughing in the end?


Cheeky Fox pakohuone Lempäälä ennustaja Madame Rosella

(coming 2024)

Fiona is getting married, but something important is missing. Help her find it!

What is an escape room?

An espace room is a themed room with puzzles for you and your group to solve.


You will need:

  • co-operation
  • a clever mind
  • alertness

There is no need for:

  • strength
  • top tier intelligence
  • pre-existing knowledge

Cheeky Fox escape rooms are suitable both for first timers and more experienced players!


All you need to play the game is found within the room. The game master monitors your progress throughout the game and will give hints when needed. However, we do not recommed to play if you are very tired. You will not be permitted to pay if intoxicated.

Please arrive approx. 10 minutes before your game starts. The game duration is found in the game description.

Cheeky Fox escape rooms are not scary and do not include jump scares. The narrative may create suspense.

If your time ends before completing the game, we are happy to walk you through the last steps. No one is left in the room and you can exit whenever.

Children are welcome, and we trust the parents’ judgement.

We recommend that children are either babies or at least school aged.

We do not recommend the games for toddlers. The games may have small items that are not suitable for small children. Also, very young children cannot solve the puzzles.

Children need to be watched at all times.

The safety of our guests and our staff is of great importance. The doors are not locked and you may leave the game whenever you like. A fire extinguisher is in the monitoring room just in case.

Check the game description for how many players may participate.

Most common bank/credit cards are accepted.

You may also pay with epassi and Smartum (culture).

Unfortunately not. The rooms are located in a basement (10 steps down) and there is no elevator.

Ask us!

Is there something else you would like to know?