Escape rooms


A travelling fortune teller has arrived in Lempäälä.

You do not believe in such nonsense, but decide to pay her a visit just for laughs.

But who is laughing in the end?

Cheeky Fox pakohuone Lempäälä ennustaja Madame Rosella

Madame Rosella is a versatile game for 2-6 people.


The game is especially for those, who already have some previous experience.

First timers will need a few hints during the game, but this does not make it any less fun!

95 €

2-6 people

When paying at the time of booking.

The payment prosessor is Visma Pay. You may choose between bank transfer, card payment and MobilePay.

100 €

2-6 people

Whne paying at the location.

Accepted forms of payment: most bank/credit cards, Cheeky Fox gift card and epassi and Smartum (culture).

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(coming 2024)

Fiona is getting married, but something important is missing. Help her find it!

The Fairy is a pop-up style fgame which can easily be moved to different locations, such as fairs and other events.

Due to its small size, the game if designed fo rmaximum 4 people.

Excellent for first timers who want a small taste of escape rooms.

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